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About is owned and operated by parent company World Tech Limited ( for the use of our sister company (Hopewell Mould) which has been established since 1998 in Shenzhen, China.

Hopewell specializes in manufacturing high precision plastic injection moulds and aluminum & zinc die-castings moulds. We can offer OEM & ODM service. We have our own team of professionals with more than twenty years working experience. Equipped with the latest mould tooling equipment and up-to-date tooling technology, we can provide you not only a quick turn around, but amazing results in terms of quality.

According to Hopewell Mould's customer requirements we design and manufacture a variety of products ranging from plastic moulds, plastic injection, die cast metal moulds, mould parts, tooling, machining jig folders and many more.

We cover all types of industries including automotive, household, electronic structures, and industrial. In particular there are appearance and size requirements that require high precision plastic and or metal moulds.

Since the Hopewell Mould company has been established for domestic China market, we have also expanded to Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia markets. Our main clients consist of small, middle to large enterprises who demand high quality moulds and quick turn around.

Hopewell Mould spares no effort to carry out regular technical training and technical seminars. Hopewell Mould believes carrying out such training and seminars will strengthen their technology, manufacturing capabilities and managing skills.

Hopewell Mould is committed to meet our customers personalized needs and exceed customers expectations. Hopewell Mould strives to build strong relationships and continuously works to improve technological advances and better customer care.



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